With the requirements of ISO 9001/2 & ISO 10012-1 together with sound business practice, regular calibration of equipment is essential to maintain traceability of measurement to National and International Standards.

Our fully equipped calibration laboratory with its extensive scope of NABL accreditation provides the basis of confidence in calibration.

Our NABL accreditation extends from the calibration of simple instruments like micrometers and vernier calipers to gauge blocks, surface plates and other sophisticated measuring instruments.

A flexible approach to customer requirements with a prompt turnaround together with the facility to repair, if necessary, provides a complete cost effective calibration service.

In addition our laboratory provides a first off, independent assessment and component inspection facility with inspection reports.

Contact our Head of Laboratory for further details, advice or a free quotation.


Our range of repairs include - Dial Gauges, Micrometers, Bore Gauges, Verniers, Height Gauges and Electronic Metrology Instruments.

Repairs are carried out in house by fully trained and experienced staff who have gained their knowledge over many years..

This high level of expertise together with our extensive stock of spares ensures a reliable diagnosis of faults and speedy turnaround.

The service & calibration enhances the overall accuracy to the customer.

If during the calibration process a repair or replacement part is required then it can be carried out without any unnecessary delay.


Jafuji Research

One of our high priority area is out strong research and development division. We have engineers specialized in Instrumentation. Our business is focused on development and manufacturing of Instruments.

To achieve excellence in the field of our instruments our team is devoted to research, design and development of instruments which give most accurate measurements.

We always spend time and money in our research to give best instruments to end customers a d maintain global standards. This division has very strong technical team which always on creative ideas and has zeal to implement in our laboratory. This team always keeps us ahead in our global competitiveness and exports.

We are recognized and constantly by our customers which make us unique in global market. Our instruments demonstrate our standards